"Watch" this space…

See what I did there…

I think its a missed opportunity that Apple did away with the watch form-factor of the iPod nano. It showed there was a market for smart watches and with the Pebbles success on Kickstarter it reveals theres a buck to be made too.

I get a weird feeling that this may have been intentional. Make the iPod nano back into an iPod and work on something specific and targeted.

But I cant leave it there; I have some thoughts:

Apple works on and releases their own smart watch. All of the usual Apple design DNA, thin and mesmerising. The connectivity will most likely use NFC…haha no… Bluetooth 4 with Low Energy. That allows for superior battery life and sufficient communication. Call and message notifications, a Mickey Mouse clock face and Nike+ integration. Basically a Pebble with multitouch and made by Apple. Put me down for 2, one for each wrist.

But, it could be one of those Apple things where they dont have passion to make something so they just dont make it. So who will step up to the challenge?