Stripping away the paint, sanding out the imperfections

A beautiful piece of wooden furniture, depending on its importance and functionality, can find itself being handed from one family to another.  Leaving behind a past and an identity to form new ones.

The new owners will have their own style, taste and place for the object but in most cases its current identity wont fit in. In many forms of this story the piece of furniture will go through an overhaul, a complete image makeover. The paint is stripped back revealing its multi-layered past, the underlying imperfections are sanded out and the process of giving the object a new identity begins.

What has happened to iOS, with the reveal of version 7, could well follow that story as an analogy. It has been given a new identity but with its wooden structure, its core, remaining the same. It might not fit in where it used to, with its previous family, but it no longer lives there. It has moved on and its identity reflects that of its new family and its place.

All the layers of green felt, Corinthian leather and linen were stripped back. The bumpy imperfections, referring to a somewhat knotted family history, were sanded out. Then its new family, under the guide of Jony Ive, gave it a thin new undercoat and not anything more.

This is the beginnings of a new story which will be as revolutionary as the original iPhone OS.  Like the original iPhone OS; it will grow and mature over time to become as perfect as what the original matured into. But all this takes time with care and cant be done overnight, a beautiful patina takes time. 

Whilst I personally don't like some of the aesthetics and design of iOS 7 its easy to see its potential. It doesn't align with mainstream trends or taste but its base principals of form and purpose are pure. For some it will be hard to ignore urges to criticise its new identity and thats ok. Whats important is to see its purpose and reasoning of which it has been based upon.

I cant wait to see where this goes.