20 billion nickels

It was obvious that it was a troll. But I cant resist...

It would take 20 billion nickels for Samsung to pay Apple $1 billion dollars. That's every single nickel minted from 1995 to 2011 using this data. 20 billion nickels....

  • 100,000 metric tons
  • 75,000t of copper worth US$542.3m & 25,000t of nickel worth US$930m (sounds wrong but I double checked it)
  • Stacked on top of one another they would go 39,000 km high, 97% of the distance around this Earth
  • Posted on the internet results in stupid reposts and at least a days worth of shitty journalism
A billion dollars isn’t cool. Do you know what’s cool? 20 billion nickels.
— probably not Justin Timberlake

Data sourced from Wikipedia and WolframAlpha for the maths.