Who has less integrity: Samsung or The Verge?

Serious question for The Verge: how do you run an article about these things without even mentioning that the industrial design is a blatant rip of the MacBook Air?

Who has less integrity: Samsung for “designing” this, or The Verge for pretending it’s legitimate?
— http://daringfireball.net/linked/2012/08/30/samsung

I don't think The Verge is pretending or proclaiming anything. Yes, those new Samsung devices look A LOT like Apple products. We can all see that.

I like what The Verge has done. They have just reported the facts and details about these new products. Then it is up to other reporters and journalists, like John, to give his 2¢ on top of that.

If I wanted tabloid tech "journalism" I would go visit Gizmodo.