Playing the long game

By luck I stumbled along probably the most coherent and sensible comment about Apple's future on Asymco:

Apple is massively investing in aluminum milling equipment, hence the pressure being put on margins.

They are transitioning their entire product lineup, from Mac to iPod to being based on a unibody aluminum enclosure.
— Mani Ghasemlou

Read the full comment here.

Whilst this comment hasn't been confirmed it has popped up every now and then that Apple is investing in manufacturing machinery, all you have to do is watch one of the product videos to see that they focus on the best tools and processes to make a remarkable product (see "Diamond-cut chamfered edge").

This is by far the only vertical that other manufacturers cant match, not quickly.

Samsung may be catching up on Apple with software and shipping product however Apple is 5 years ahead on manufacturing and product design. Samsung needs to up their game, Apple doesn't need to lower to Samsung's.

It has been too quiet. Something is brewing in Cupertino. With the potential for a full CNC Aluminium production line being perfected by Tim and Jony working in his R&D dungeon its only a matter of time before we see the next generation of products.

2013/14 is going to be HUGE.