After my Jekyll-powered, S3 hosted blog went live, with the obligatory "im going to post more stuff, y'all" post, it then quickly descended back to where it belonged as an abandoned site with old outdated tutorials & hope for a better future.

You know what sucked about it? Everything. The fact I had to write a modified Jekyll engine to compile it. The upload to Amazon S3 script. The server I had to run locally to view the site and to test stuff. The custom templates. The rake task I had to run to publish posts. What was good? a 50¢ AWS S3 bill for hosting my site. It was an improvement from Tumblr but it was a setup only a developer would love.

Dummies guide on how not to build a blogging engine…

Dummies guide on how not to build a blogging engine…

What I have done about it now

It was another long process of searching for the elusive ultimate CMS come Blog platform. I assessed octocat, updating jekyll, and some others. I was set to continue using jekyll and give the site a do over. But…

Anyone that listens to 5by5 podcasts that contain Mr Merlin "So Angry" Mann you are pretty much just listening to one long Squarespace advert, with some TextExpander tips thrown in every now and then.

In one of these episodes/adverts they mentioned that Squarespace had just released a new update to their application. I checked it out and soon found the solution to my blogging conundrum.

I wont go to deep into a review of Squarespace but the interface for editing content and how it handles different types of content is spot on.

Yes i'm comparatively paying lots more for hosting. However, the alternative is I sink a few weeks into refactoring the jekyll setup and that would be more expensive time wise and put me in the same situation as before.

Avoid repeating the obvious

So I hope this time its a little bit different. Every Monday after work for the past few weeks I've been writing stuff to hopefully get in the groove and get in the flow of writing at least something every week. Random stuff but dont be surprised if its all Apple or iOS related. I'm avoiding any posts that start off with "Finally! X does Y!", im not aiming to break news or provide useless comments or opinions. I admire what John Gruber and Marco Arment post and don't post about. So I am going to have a crack at that but I am in no way aiming to be them either.

One thing I have made sure of is that I migrated the top posts I had on the old site. Something I wish more people did, especially with tutorials and coding problems…

Something new

Every day, like a crack addict, I visit a few selected sites without fail. One of them is Daring Fireball. John's site is not a traditional "blog" but what he describes as a newspaper column. A place where he can link to other content and give his 2¢. 

So like Samsung's industrial design manifesto, im going to copy that too. Its called Flotsam & Jetsam. It will centre around news and opinions in tech and much less wordy than the main part of this site.

I'm gonna post more stuff, y'all

Yes. I know. But this time its different. This time its got GIF's!