This is an example of comments that are hurting HN's quality

This is an example of comments that are hurting HN’s quality.

Absolutely nothing useful to add to the discussion, just snark. Yet for some reason its the highest voted comment.

Meta. If its hurting News.YComb[1] then:

  1. People wont up vote it. 
  2. Dont comment on it at spread the cancer…

If its being up voted then it would appear people have the same opinion. No need to take the parent comment for face value, analyse it and discuss it. Make it into a comment thread worth of your personal News.YComb comment standards.

For reference, here's the parent comment to the one I have posted above:

If you are using GoDaddy for anything, you deserve what you get. If you are using GoDaddy for not just registration but also for DNS, I would just fix it as soon as possible and not tell anyone.

Also, do backups, use good password practices, and everything else that everyone knows and the lazy will still fail to do.

Oh, 20 seconds in and a downvote. I can take them, I didn’t ignore the last 8 problems GoDaddy has been responsible for lately and am not hurting from this outage.