"Double down on secrecy"

Tim Cook was asking for it when he mentioned his plan to "double down" on secrecy. All the more motivation to go out and get the juicy details on the next iPhone™.

What I find these articles miss is that Apple didn't just release the iPhone last Wednesday/Thursday. The iPods were, at least, somewhat of a surprise. Yes, there were leaks of the case layout that gave away the shape but ultimately not what they looked like. I guess you dont get much cash for leaking iPod designs these days…

All the focus has been on how "Tim failed to keep the iPhone 5 a secret". Yeah, so fucking what? Why is it so important to point out that Tim didn't do a good enough job? They are going to sell millions and millions of these regardless. Apple will amass more billions of dollars and the world will keep spinning.

There will more than likely be an iPad Mini, a 4th generation iPad, an iPhone 5S and a year after that an iPhone 6. They will all be thinner, faster and more glorious than their predecessors. And yet we all get sucked into the techno-brity rumour mill and all speculate and throw in our 2¢, myself included.

I begin to think that Tim wasn't really referring to secrecy around the next iPhone, rather secrecy around new projects — the next big thing. Beyond the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and notebooks what is next? The "post-tablet era".  Just like the iPad and iPhone being in development for years prior to their release, the public didn't really know if Apple was developing a phone or tablet. Just speculation and the odd whisper.

Its time to "zoom out" of this 12 month timeline and start thinking larger. What is Jony & the team working on late at night in the R&D dungeon at Apple?