SMH: Has Apple's iPad killer missed the mark?

Don't bother visiting the article and feed the machine. Here's the highlights:

Perhaps the biggest surprise is that there were no surprises — no impressive extra feature or frustrating limitation to help the iPad mini stand apart from its big brother.

If you want to be surprised by Apple releases then don't buy into the rumor circle-jerk fest. Moreover, why not bask in the awe of the time we live in. Tell someone over 50 that the iPad mini, or any other tablet, is disappointing…

Everything’s amazing and nobody is happy
— Louis CK
You can only wonder if Steve Jobs’ infamous reality distortion field would have painted a different picture of the iPad mini and it’s place — somehow justifying the backflip after bad-mouthing smaller tablets for so long.

"bad-mouthing smaller tablets for so long" [citation needed]

I never saw Apple directly bad-mouthing 7" tablets previously. They said things along the lines of "internal testing showed that the size and resolution at the time did not yield a good user experience." Of course in the tech media industry that is seen as fighting words.

No matter how much of a one-eyed Apple supporter you are, you have to concede that the iPad mini is a direct response to the Android threat which has been eating away at the iPad’s market share.

Apple's latest quarter figures show that they sold 14 million iPads in Q4. Are there even 14 million of any particular Android tablet out in the wild? I'd would, sincerely,  like to see real sales data on any Android tablet.

Apple had the chance to deliver a killer blow to the Android menace, but it failed. It should have stripped out a few more features from the iPad mini and dropped the price by $100 to position it as a serious Android competitor. Instead it’s only delivered an iPad competitor which could do as much harm as good.

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I don't necessarily want to go point-for-point on articles like this. It's petty and really gives the writer what they want, advertising hits.

Basically, "news trolls" that feed on the public's advertising hits. Make a stupid wild claim, place adverts, cause controversy, rinse and repeat.

Don't feed the trolls.