A vision for Apple TV's à la carte future — Verge Forums

A fantastic set of mockups by the Verge member. A great look at the potential of Apple TV's future.

My visions are similar but a bit different:

  • No Apple TV display. The same black box we have now. 1080p, HDMI, WiFi, Optical Audio. Maybe Bluetooth 4?
  • Different apps, if any apps at all. If you want to use Instagram then use your iPhone. No need to double up. I can only foresee consumption apps being used on a TV.
  • Streaming TV channels. Spot on representation in the mocks. Resolution is automatically determined from the HTTP Live Streaming spec with multi-bitrate streaming by the capabilities of your connection.
  • "Watch it later" instead of "Record TV show". No need to record anything, just iCloud it.
  • AirPlay source selection like the current AppleTV. No need to select anything. Just hit the button on your iOS/Mac and boom. <3 Bonjour.
  • Siri. Again, great representation in the mocks. Could become the remote all together, just speak.
  • iPad, iPhone as a remote. The grid interface could be shown on a portable device where it can be touched to make selections and navigation easier.

Great potential.