Drones+ app: really disturbing or negligently insensitive

There's some topics and apps that you will never get onto the App Store. This is one of them:

Im pretty sure everyone agrees that the drone strikes going on in 

Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia are horrific. We all hear about the number of civillian deaths from drone stikes, wether those numbers are accurate or not. It's plastered over the nightly TV news, even here in Australia.

Here's some quotes from the Wired article that got my attention:

I wanted to play with this idea of push notifications and push button technology — essentially asking a question about what we choose to get notified about in real time
I thought reaching into the pockets of U.S. smartphone users and annoying them into drone-consciousness could be an interesting way to surface the conversation a bit more.

I find that statement by the developer disturbing. Why would you make an application to advertise civillian deaths by autonomous and remotely controlled drones, "in about real time"? Really disturbing or negligently insensitive.

I’m kind of back at the drawing board about what exactly I’m supposed to do

It's apps like this we dont need. In addition to that, whilst on the subject of app store rejections, there's this in the App Store Review Guidelines:

If your app is rejected, we have a Review Board that you can appeal to. If you run to the press and trash us, it never helps.

And what happened here? Hacker News, Wired, other re-blogging tech press and of course me. It doesn't help the case move along.

and to that…

I hope he decides to pick a better app idea that doesn't rely on civilian deaths in 

Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia or anywhere.