Hey News.com.au, the new iPad Air is not that cheap

Source:  Apple iPad launch wrap up: MacBook, iPad Mini, MacPro, iPad Air and more  — news.com.au (Screenshot taken: 23 Oct, 1:30pm ACDT)

Source: Apple iPad launch wrap up: MacBook, iPad Mini, MacPro, iPad Air and more — news.com.au (Screenshot taken: 23 Oct, 1:30pm ACDT)

The image provided by news.com.au is wrong in that many ways. The story summary is a nice added bonus:

  •  "Nokia steals Apple's thunder with new tablet" — Nokia's tablet reveal was made on the day prior. Stolen thunder? Very unlikely. The only mention of Nokia is in that dot-point.
  • "Tablet wars: who will reign supreme?" — I think a cook off with Chen Kenichi will sort that one out.  Again, no mention of competitor tablets in the article.
  • Isn't actually a summary of the story, primarily link bait. 

[Update: These 'story summary' items are actually links to other articles. Didn't notice it previously. Why they are 'story summary' and link to articles is beyond me.] 

The rest of the article is ok. Primarily a dump of Australian prices and feature overview of the products. Nothing that apple.com doesn't have.

Why did they choose that god awful image? To play with a narrative they want to portray to readers?  Maybe a really really tired editor that had to wake up for the Keynote at 4am?



Just had a look at the article's author's Twitter account…

From a quick Google reverse-Image search the genesis of the photo looks like it was from Gizmodo. The post the image was in speculates about the iPad Air and was posted the day before the event.