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This year, in lieu of a golden ticket to San Francisco, I had the opportunity to organise a meetup in Adelaide to watch the Keynote live at 2:30am. Not expecting more than a handful of people to turn up at 2am on a weekday morning, I was surprised to have 12 other Apple enthusiasts in town rock up. So with some comfortable chairs set up, enough sugar and Red Bull to keep us awake for at least 24 hours straight we watched the live stream over the Apple TV.


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Commonwealth Bank to introduce smartphone ATM withdrawals

Commonwealth Bank will allow customers to withdraw cash from ATMs using their smartphones for the first time, under a new update to the bank’s mobile apps.
— James Hutchinson, linked

Interesting to think if this will coincide with some third-party Touch ID capability to further increase security of these kinds of withdrawals.

Bank smartphone apps in general would greatly benefit from a basic authorisation feature provided by Touch ID.

"Siri, how many days until WWDC?" — 33 days.

WWDC 2013 hardware expectations

I wouldn't anticipate any significant iPhone or iPod hardware update, that's usually reserved for later in the year. The safe bet would be to expect updates to the MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Pro lines. With the Mac Mini as an added bonus. It is a developers conference after all.

Personally, I am waiting for a MacBook Pro update. My current everyday MacBook Pro I use for everything and take everywhere has just passed 3 years of service, late-2010 model. Not one thing wrong, not one fault. Battery also scooted past 500 cycles and is doing alright, not 7 hours but its reasonable. 

My perfect MacBook: Air unibody, Pro graphics and internals, Retina display, 13".