Android 4.3: Bluetooth Smart ready

Great to hear that it is now in a build of Android. With Apple leading the way, WP8 following and now Android its about to get very noisy on the 2.4Ghz spectrum.

I had a peak at the Android API documentation to see what it's like on the other side of the fence. What a very different place it is.

Core Bluetooth on iOS is quite a high level API. The developer is guarded from having to manage scanning and raw data formatting, to name two things. The Bluetooth LE API in Android is very raw, barebones stuff. 

But, as much as I want to see BLE in use by the masses I cant help but think of the following when it comes to Android:

  1. Android 4.3 will be slowly adopted like its previous OS updates, patchy support for hardware
  2. Bluetooth Smart capable devices have generally only been the latest generation, this years, devices
  3. Will there be any compatibility issues with some hardware devices being BLE capable but not able to support this API?

Living in the iOS walled garden provides a level of certainty and predictability. Its mature and starting to bear some fruitful features like iBeacon. Android has some catching up to do. The best thing for Android is that it could come down to a developer creating a very good higher level API framework to make it more accessible for other developers.

Samsung security flaw, disable the lock screen

I have discovered another security flaw in Samsung Android phones. It is possible to completely disable the lock screen and get access to any app - even when the phone is “securely” locked with a pattern, PIN, password, or face detection.

Isn't it a security flaw in itself that you can disable the lock screen from any application? Putting aside that there's a UI glitch allowing momentary access to the home screen; being able to override a system security setting from a 3rd-party application with or without user permission is pretty awful.